SEO Services in Montreal

Search Engine Optimization in Montreal

If you’re browsing other search optimization firms and all they are talking about is directory submissions, article submissions and social media bookmarking, then they are doing it wrong. These cookie cutter systems are commonly used by people that know little-to-nothing about search engine optimization and are satisfied with doing the absolute minimum to rank your website.

If you’re happy with merely “being on the map”, then any search engine optimization will do.

However, if you’re serious about your business and want to rank above your competition, then we have some seo services you can use such as panda recovery and penguin recovery services.

Personalized Solutions

The Montreal SEO services that I offer include are personalized solutions for your business. I specialize in on-page optimization and website structure that maximizes your external efforts. (In other words, we make sure that when Google and other search engines see your website, they say: “Wow, we should really put this one on top”.)

I also specialize in link-building campaigns. How many links are pointing to your website is one of the major factors to ranking on top… but there’s more. The trick that most SEO services in Montreal won’t tell you, is that, in order to rank at #1, you need high quality backlinks pointing to your website. In fact, 5 good backlinks are more valuable than hundreds of low quality links. So while someone promising thousands of backlinks might sound like a good deal, it won’t actually provide any results. Like they say, “Quality over quantity!” I provide long lasting quality that will keep you at the top of the search engines and keep your business profitable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services offered for your business.

  • Development of a short term and long term SEO strategy.
  • On-page SEO optimization & recommendations so you rank higher with what you already have.
  • Rank increase for specific keywords via on-page optimization, relevance and quality backlink building.
  • SEO consultation for online stores (Structure, Titles, Descriptions, URL nomenclature, layout)
  • Overall increase in quality traffic (potential customers) for your website.
  • More traffic, more visitors and more customers!

I specialize in online e-commerce stores, local service websites and small business websites in the toughest niches. If you’re looking to outrank local or international competition, then contact me with your name and website for an evaluation.


  • You have an existing business website with a minimum of 8 page (recommended 200+ pages).
  • Your business offers an excellent product or service that is above and beyond your competition.
  • You are serious and committed to the long term success of your business and are willing to invest resources to outrank your competitors.
  • You are based in the greater area of Montreal. (For areas outside Montreal, flight and accommodations are required)