Some of my success in SEO

Disclaimer: As keywords & traffic results are some of the most closely guarded secrets by most websites, some of the sensitive information was removed (rather, cropped) from the screenshots. This is to prevent the competition from reverse engineering my methods, extracting your keywords and analyzing your backlinks.

All my work is confidential and only revealed to the business owners that employ my services. This ensures that your competition does not copy your SEO strategy, which in turn, allows for long term results that will have your competitors scratching their heads as they wonder how you are outranking them.

Success Story #1, Health Products

Some businesses have an amazing product, a great website but lack one thing: Traffic. Such is the story of Montreal business that sold cleansing and natural detoxification products online. To keep up with technology, the company had decided to make the transition from old fashion paper catalogs to a modern online website. The change was a necessity as the catalog was diminishing in performance year after year. Sales had never been lower, and the life of the company rested on the success of their website.

The website was new and until I arrived,  had never had any optimization done. In fact, the owner didn’t even know that SEO specialist like myself existed. “You mean you can put us at the top of Google?” the owner said to me. “Yes, it will cost you, but the results will pay for themselves a 100 times over”. It was a huge investment on his part, but without traffic to his website, the business would have been forced to shut down.

In that sense, I arrived just at the right time. I gave him my word that I would treat it as if it was my own business, and I did. I carefully made some changes in the background, changes that customers don’t see, but search engines do. I mapped out a short (and desperately needed) strategy to gain immediate traffic and a long term, sustainable strategy.

Within 2 weeks, the business saw a sudden flood of traffic… (Just see for yourself in the screenshot above) They went from being a business that didn’t even appear in Google when you typed their name, to receiving thousands of visitors per month that were looking for their products. The online sales quickly overtook the catalog sales and they haven’t looked back since. “Eric, you have to come back for a second round when you get the time!” – he said as I completed the first phase.

My comments: “The feeling of turning around an entire business, by providing much needed traffic, is one of the best feelings in the world. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.”

Success Story #2 Computers Products

It all started one day when the owner received a cold call from a competing “web firm” that promised to help them rank on Google. “We’ll create a mini page for you, and bring more customers to your website.” Interested, but not sold, he asked for more information. The person on the phone didn’t seem to really know what they were talking about, and instead gave vague answers to their methods and billing system. “We charge per link, and we do mass article submission” he said. (If you watched some of my videos, you’ll know that this is exactly the kind of cookie-cutter method that you should AVOID when dealing with search engines…)

Fortunately, the owner’s intuition told him that he should do a little more research before investing thousands. That’s when he found me. As we sat down and looked at his business together, he told me: “Even though I don’t know anything about this stuff, I can tell from the way that you answer my questions, that you know a lot more about this than the other guy.”

Within days I had performed a detailed analysis of his website, his competitor’s websites and we had a clear vision of where we wanted to go. Within weeks, we started to see significant increases in traffic and by the time I was done, we had nearly tripled his daily traffic! Because of this massive increase in traffic, the following month became his new “best month”, smashing his previous sales record by a wide margin.

Success Story #3 Gaming

Answering the objection of: “If you’re so good at this stuff, why don’t you do it yourself?”. Well, I have, and I still do. It takes a lot of work (and specialized knowledge) to reach traffic results like this, and I am proud to say the long term SEO strategies have held up over time. With over a million unique visitors in the span of a few months, this is currently my largest site and it has allowed me to live a very successful life. Taking the “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” to heart, I have several sites that are similar in size as well.

It took approximately 3 years of hard work to get to this point and it has seen all kinds of dips and spikes in the process. As you can see by the screenshot, I effectively increased the traffic by approximately 54% in this period of time.

A website of this size has allowed me to test advanced large scale SEO techniques that are impractical on smaller websites. As you can imagine, building 2-3 backlinks will have little to no impact for a website this size. When you reach this critical mass, you must use a completely different set of tactics in order to maximize your search engine traffic. The secrets to ranking “million visitor” websites are rarely, if ever, disclosed to the public and only discussed behind closed doors among high level SEO specialists. I only know a handful of people like that in North America.

More Search Engine Optimization Stories…

I love to talk about my adventures in search engine optimization and there certainly isn’t a lack of stories. If you’re interested in becoming a success story, then contact me at eric@searchenginemontreal.ca