About Eric Lancheres

About Me

I have been involved with web business since 2002, first starting with a a general online computer store in Canada meant to be direct competitors with NCIX.com (Unfortunately, they won). With the online computer store, I quickly learned that although I was enthusiastic about driving web traffic that converts to sales, I did not enjoy managing inventory as much. This is why I started to specialize in selling other people’s inventory online, mainly through the use of organic traffic from Google. (Organic traffic simply means that it is not paid traffic)

Naively, I begun competing in Google for the top spots for acne products. Phrases such as “acne cure” and “acne treatment” can be worth up to $2000/day if marketed correctly, but as you can imagine, the international competition made it a full time job in order to stay on the front page. Speaking of competition, morals and ethics prevented me from entering the “buy viagra” race, which is currently the world’s highest paying keyword. Estimate at $10000 USD/day for the #1 spot, it is filled with people manipulating the search engines in order to obtain the desired spot.

If the top spots are worth so much, then how come you aren’t competing yourself?

Well, I am. In my spare time, the time that I don’t spend consulting for your company, I still compete for organic search results in various different fields. At the time of writing, the sum of  my personal websites are receiving over 12000 unique DAILY visitors ( 4+ million visitors per year) from Google in competitive fields. Imagine what that could do for your business.

The unfortunate truth… is that the most competitive search terms in the world require constant search engine optimization in order to be profitable. While one day you can be making thousands per day, the next, you can be ranked on the 2nd page of Google, receiving next-to-no traffic. It’s cut-throat and although it was fun for a year or two, after a while I began to crave more consistency in my life.

That’s is why, in order to create some stability in my life, that I have begun performing SEO consulting for other businesses, like yours.

Ranking for your business

I love optimizing for businesses because all the techniques that I used to rank for the world’s most difficult searches work EVEN better when applied to local and commercial searches. It’s like taking out your Rolls Royce to the grocery store, it’s a bit overkill, but it works.

Even better, because the strategies I use do not rely on tricking the search engines and instead concentrate on building value, they last even longer and provide long term traffic for your business.

Even if you receive only 100 additional visitors per day, that equates to an additional 365,000 visitors per year. If you convert at a mere 2% and each customer is worth an average $40, that’s an additional $29200 per year in your pocket after a year. 5 years down the road, your investment, still at a mere 100 visitor increase,  just generated an additional $146000 of profit.

Search engine optimization provides the best return on investment and just keeps on growing over time.

Up To Date

As you can imagine, the world of search engines is an ever changing environment. What worked one year ago might not work today, which is why I keep myself up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in order to rank the highest. A wise man once said, “Poor people have big TVs, rich men have large libraries” and although I have a projector for playing movies, I couldn’t agree more that it is the search engine research that I perform on a daily basis that allows me to stay at the top of the charts.